Tips to play flappy bird as a pro

Flappy Bird is an incredibly difficult, frustrating and irritating game with an incredibly steep learning curve and jerky, imprecise movement. Despite this, it is currently the number one free app on the iTunes and Android app stores. See the Gamewise guide below for tips and strategies on how to play.



  1. Accept from the start that you will never be any good at Flappy Bird. The game doesn't work very well and no matter how hard you try you will never be able to master it!
  2. Relax. It is not worth getting frustrated. Clear your mind and don't try too hard - the more you try the more you will fail.
  3. Make sure the screen is as sensitive as possible by removing and cases or screen covers.
  4. Quick fingers, light taps and fast movements are key to doing well. Try to anticipate the flight in advance and learn not to tap too hard.
  5. Use the biggest screen you can - a tablet will always work better than a phone.
  6. Read point 1 and find a better game to play that you actually stand a chance of winning like Choco Blocks or Angry Birds!

source : GameWise.co