The flappy bird song

     Flappy bird is the game for this month . People are playing it in each corner . Honestly if someone asked you about your opinion about flappy bird , you will just confused . you don't know because this game is funny and bad at the same time . Since it have become popular , all who play it don't know why they still playing it .


Talking about crazy , have you heard The flappy bird song . This song explain gamers feeling about flappy bird , check it out .

.: Lyrics :.

Up Down, Tap Tap Tap
The Bird Goes Flap Flap Flap
Up Down, What The Heck
Why Did I miss the Gap?

Flap Flap, Up and Down,
SomeTimes I start to frown
Tap Tap Down and Up,
But I will never Stop

On the hunt for a new Highscore
It's so awesome but so hardcore
Difficult it makes me mad, smash my phone and go to bed

I start to cry 'cause of this app,
But I just love the sound effect,
It makes, When I fly through two green pipes,
Up Up and Down, give it a try

Addicted to the greatest game
Missing pipes and earning fame,
I tap all day so full of joy,
So now my phone's my favorite toy!

This Yellow Bird he is so cute,
He falls without a parachute,
I think this app is super dope
yeah even more than 'cut the rope',

Doodle Jump and Tiny Wings,
Fruit Ninja and The Sims,
Plague Inc and Marvel Smash
Simpsons Springfield Ingame Cash...

That little bird's the reason why
My fingers hurt and my red eyes
This Game is cool, it is for free
You get hooked by it's loading screen

My highest score is hardly 8,
For another try I skipped the date,
With my girlfriend, I know the reason why,
Even in my dream I tab to fly

I hope the battery won't die,
So I can see my birdy fly
Like my emotions high and low,
The greatest thing in life in know.

The song by : Copy Cat Channel
Idea by : Felix CopyCat & Marius CopyCat
Lyrics by : Felix CopyCat & Marius CopyCat
Music Mastering by : Jonas Mann


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