New Awesome Super Fun Game: Floppy Fly Bird on Android

A new flappy bird style game have naked the door of Google Play store. Floppy Fly Bird was its name but the gameplay is totally different than the other "old Fashion" flappy bird games. Floppy Fly Bird is a new addictive creative game full of challenges.

Floppy Fly Bird talking about a lovely story about a cute little bird dreaming to reach the stars he always see every night. In hope to make its dream come true it wore its grandpa copter to be able to fly.


As Flappy bird style games Floppy Fly Bird game rules are simple. Tap,avoid and get as high as possible. However what make Floppy Fly Bird amazing game is the new ideas that its creature put on it. If you wanna try an outbox new flappy bird style game, you should try Floppy Fly Bird.


Download Floppy Fly Bird From Google Play Store

 Download Floppy Fly Bird

Don't waste your time in the other birds game.  Download Floppy Fly Bird it's the funniest flappy bird style games ever.


Flappy Bird removed from app stores

Flappy Bird, a smartphone game which has become an overnight sensation, is no longer available on the App Store or Google Play.


Vietnamese creator Dong Nguyen wrote on Twitter at the weekend that the game's success "ruins my simple life".
"I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. I cannot take this anymore," he Tweeted.
Nguyen told The Verge last week that Flappy Bird was making US $50,000 a day, and has been downloaded at least 50 million times across both the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Its unexpected success has prompted an unusual amount of scrutiny, with some accusing Nguyen of appropriating assets from Nintendo IPs.
Nguyen preempted assumptions that Flappy Bird's removal is for legal reasons though. "It is not anything related to legal issues," he Tweeted. "I just cannot keep it anymore."
Flappy Bird has spawned a multitude of copycat games following its domination of the free app charts on both Google Play and the App Store.
These include titles such as 'Flappy Octopus', 'Clumsy Bird' and 'Flappy Angry Bird'.
The free-to-play game requires users to navigate a bird through endlessly approaching and randomly generated pipes. Its high difficulty has encouraged users to share scores via social media, thus helping promote the game virally.

Written by : Shaun Prescott
Source : ComputerAndVideoGames.com


Flappy Bird Creator Says He's Taking The Game Down

In a bizarre turn of events, the Vietnamese creator of the maddeningly difficult #1 Android and Apple iOS game Flappy Bird is saying that he’s taking the game down within the next day.
Developer Dong Nguyen announced the decision on Twitter just a few hours ago:
“I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.”
“It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.”
“I also don’t sell ‘Flappy Bird’, please don’t ask.”
“And I still make games.”
Nguyen has been the target of a lot of internet hate for creating what many deem a pretty terrible game. In my own teardown of Flappy Bird, I didn’t say I begrudge Nguyen for making such a game, but rather the public who would elevate the title to such popularity. But is criticism alone enough reason to take down the game entirely?
This sort of move is perplexing as Nguyen is reported to be bringing in $50,000 a day from in-app advertising revenue. It would be understandable if say, Nintendo was suing him for ripping off their art, but he claims that isn’t the case.
He also says he’s not interested in selling Flappy Bird, and he still makes other games, many of which are also quite popular on the Android and iOS app stores.
Is this really just a guy who can’t cope with sudden fame and success, or is something else going on here? Is there really a level of internet vitriol that can make someone simply throw away $50,000 a day? I suppose with the amount of flack Nguyen has taken, it can wear on someone, but why delete Flappy Bird and not his other popular, also simplistic titles?  If his other games become even more popular and are subsequently also criticized, will he take those down too?
The majority of his Twitter interactions are actually positive conversations with individual fans, thanking them for their support or answering their questions. I was hard pressed to find actual hate-filled comments responding to any of his tweets, even in his most recent ones about taking the game down. That said, I’m sure he’s seen negative things said about him or the game elsewhere on the internet, and one hurtful comment can offset a hundred uplifting ones.
A tweet from Nguyen earlier today says “I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it.” Perhaps this really is just an ordinary guy who will do anything to shed the spotlight that was inadvertently cast on him by the public. Still, I’ve never seen anything like this.
I’m not sure I see Nguyen as an entirely sympathetic figure here. While no one deserves personal threats or attacks (if that’s what’s happening), I think criticism of the game or his design of it is valid. The idea is lifted from a thousand other similar games before it. The art and sound effects are taken almost directly from Super Mario Bros, while the bird design and tap mechanics are from 2011′s Piou Piou. These are typical mobile games problems, and the fact that Flappy Bird has been so popular only reinforces the idea that other developers should try to clone their way to the top of the charts.
This all seems very strange, and the story is still developing as we speak.

Written by : 
Paul Tassi,
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Get your revenge with Squishy Bird

The worst thing in flappy bird is when you reach a score higher that your last and suddenly hit a bib . Actually this is why most of flappy bird gamers are crazy all the time . Honestly do you feel angry at flappy bird ? Do you want to smash these little birds to small pieces and end the world's suffering ?


The flappy bird song

     Flappy bird is the game for this month . People are playing it in each corner . Honestly if someone asked you about your opinion about flappy bird , you will just confused . you don't know because this game is funny and bad at the same time . Since it have become popular , all who play it don't know why they still playing it .


Talking about crazy , have you heard The flappy bird song . This song explain gamers feeling about flappy bird , check it out .

.: Lyrics :.

Up Down, Tap Tap Tap
The Bird Goes Flap Flap Flap
Up Down, What The Heck
Why Did I miss the Gap?

Flap Flap, Up and Down,
SomeTimes I start to frown
Tap Tap Down and Up,
But I will never Stop

On the hunt for a new Highscore
It's so awesome but so hardcore
Difficult it makes me mad, smash my phone and go to bed

I start to cry 'cause of this app,
But I just love the sound effect,
It makes, When I fly through two green pipes,
Up Up and Down, give it a try

Addicted to the greatest game
Missing pipes and earning fame,
I tap all day so full of joy,
So now my phone's my favorite toy!

This Yellow Bird he is so cute,
He falls without a parachute,
I think this app is super dope
yeah even more than 'cut the rope',

Doodle Jump and Tiny Wings,
Fruit Ninja and The Sims,
Plague Inc and Marvel Smash
Simpsons Springfield Ingame Cash...

That little bird's the reason why
My fingers hurt and my red eyes
This Game is cool, it is for free
You get hooked by it's loading screen

My highest score is hardly 8,
For another try I skipped the date,
With my girlfriend, I know the reason why,
Even in my dream I tab to fly

I hope the battery won't die,
So I can see my birdy fly
Like my emotions high and low,
The greatest thing in life in know.

The song by : Copy Cat Channel
Idea by : Felix CopyCat & Marius CopyCat
Lyrics by : Felix CopyCat & Marius CopyCat
Music Mastering by : Jonas Mann

Tips to play flappy bird as a pro

Flappy Bird is an incredibly difficult, frustrating and irritating game with an incredibly steep learning curve and jerky, imprecise movement. Despite this, it is currently the number one free app on the iTunes and Android app stores. See the Gamewise guide below for tips and strategies on how to play.



  1. Accept from the start that you will never be any good at Flappy Bird. The game doesn't work very well and no matter how hard you try you will never be able to master it!
  2. Relax. It is not worth getting frustrated. Clear your mind and don't try too hard - the more you try the more you will fail.
  3. Make sure the screen is as sensitive as possible by removing and cases or screen covers.
  4. Quick fingers, light taps and fast movements are key to doing well. Try to anticipate the flight in advance and learn not to tap too hard.
  5. Use the biggest screen you can - a tablet will always work better than a phone.
  6. Read point 1 and find a better game to play that you actually stand a chance of winning like Choco Blocks or Angry Birds!

source : GameWise.co


flappy bird hack

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